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Avakin Life

Lead your virtual life at the highest level with our Avakin Life Hack. We’ve created a generator that you’ll love. It will make your game easier at Avakin Life.Lead your virtual life at the highest level with our Avakin Life Hack. We’ve created a generator that you’ll love. It will make your game easier at Avakin Life.

  • Diamonds Hack
  • AvaCoins Hack
  • Android
  • iOS

Technical features of Avakin Life Generator:

  • Generates Diamonds and AvaCoins
  • Works Online
  • This is a form (Easy to use)
  • It is safe to use
  • It is secured through SSL, Anti-Ban and Proxy
  • It is not possible ban – it is undetectable
  • You do not have to download anything
  • We update it daily

Avakin Life Hack is our latest tool. By using it, you can add unlimited diamonds and AvaCoins to your account. You can use the generator many times – there is no limit. It is an online generator – it is included on our server. This is a very convenient solution, because you do not have to download anything so you can be sure that you do not download viruses. We have security with an SSL certificate. An additional security is our Anti-Ban system. Avakin Life manufacturers will not detect that you have used this hack. You will not get ban in the game. The tool connects to servers on a special, private proxy. Our generator is easy to use. In addition, we will add operating instructions below. Fill in only the number of diamonds and AvaCoins and enable protection and proxy. Avakin Life Cheats works on iOS and Android devices. Our hack works very fast.
Opinions about Avakin Life Generator confirm that it works. All users are happy. Do not forget to share your hack with your friends.

User manual Avakin Life Hack:

  1. Enter your username
  2. Choose the number of Diamonds
  3. Choose the quantity of AvaCoins
  4. Turn on Anti-Ban protection
  5. Turn on the proxy
  6. Press the Generate button

In case of problems, use the generator again or contact us.


By using this tool you can add unlimited AvaCoins and Diamonds to your in-game account.

Yes, 100%.

Use the generator to Avakin Life again or write to us via the contact form.

Avakin Life Hack was created for players who do not want to spend money in this game. We are also against it – that’s why we created this tool. We hope you will enjoy your work and share the generator with your friends.

Avakin Life Game
Avakin Life Game

Reviews on Avakin Life Hack:

Avakin Life - About the game

Avakin Life is a game released by Lockwood Publishing LTD. It can be counted among games from the category of life simulators. It is created in the style of the popular The Sims and Second Life.
By creating your avatar we equip it with features visible to other players. We can build a home to which we will invite other players and lead a normal life in the virtual world.

What can we do in the second world?

By creating our character, we begin an ordinary life that is not different from that in the real world. We can go shopping, parties, get to know other players and make friends with them – by talking using a voice or text chat.
The game surpasses its predecessors in that it is released on smartphones so we can practically not part with it and play the game non-stop.

How to control a character?

The control over our virtual representative is very simple, just click on the screen in which we want to move. In the case of other complex commands, we use the menu in English also simple to use.

The advantages and disadvantages of Avakin Life.

  • Simple to use game, easy to control the character
  • A huge, virtual world that can surprise even long-standing users.
  • Thanks to the iOS and Android support, we can play in any place where we find ourselves, all we need is an internet connection.
  • The game is constantly updated
  • The graphics are not at a high level
  • Weaker smartphones can slow down the game
  • Valuable items in the game require a large amount of virtual cash and to get it often you need to use the micropayments contained in the game and pay real cash.


Avakin Life was awarded at Tiga Avards as the best Amazon Appstore game.


The game was downloaded by over 10 million users and on Google Play it was rated by almost 2 million players giving it an average score of 4.

Opinions about Avakin Life:

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